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11:53am 23/08/2006
mood: confused
Sleep. Sleeeeeeep.

It's now noon.
I got to Gatwick twelve and a half hours ago.
I got into bed ten hours ago (this was 4am my time).
I got woken up seven hours ago by my parents leaving to go to France (in their defence, I'd told them to wake me up).
I got woken up again four hours ago by Jen needing a lift to her car, so that she could go home and make a 10am doctor's appointment. I got up, got dressed, took her to her car, told her to follow me back to the motorway, led her a junction on the A2 in the wrong direction due to sleep deprivation, and came home.
For the last three hours I've been stumbling around going 'what?' at things and reading Good Omens.

Theoretically, I've had six hours' sleep, except for the being-woken-up bit, which I don't really remember other than hugging my parents (hopefully I told them to have a good time, or something else appropriate. Hopefully they didn't say anything I needed to remember later).

Technically I've *gained* two hours, travelling in this direction. But what a fucking waste to have the relevant two hours in the middle of the night, waiting for my luggage to arrive off an aeroplane. Couldn't my flight have been at a decent time, so I could've had two extra daytime hours to like, do stuff, and then I wouldn't feel dead?

In other news, my tan is fucking fantastic. sairensu and wickedtruth, I'm hoping you are free Thursday evening, because I need to show off my tan lines (and I can't do that at work, they're not in decent places). On reflection, Thursday is tomorrow, isn't it? Must remember that.

Other things to do: text everyone, catch up with LJ, erm.. oh, wash lots of clothes. Unpack. Yawn a lot.
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mm, weekend   
04:40pm 14/04/2006
mood: bouncy
Yay, four-day weekend. I'm so loving not working in retail any more! This is bliss!

Of course, I'm procrastinating like crazy to avoid actually getting anything done, but that's a given. Gina's supposed to be marking her kids' chem tests, and I'm supposed to be tidying and cleaning. So far, we've been to Bluewater (she got three DVDs and I got three books), got in an argument with some bloke who tried to push in front of us at the cashpoint (we won, we rock, he sucks), eaten KFC, and she's procrastinated by cleaning the bathroom (supposed to be my job) while I'm online. I don't really give a shit about anything, though, because I currently have 7 1/2 new books to read. Everything else therefore comes second!

Right. I'm totally going to go tidy and dust and vaccum now.

:) yay, bank holiday weekends rock.

and I get to see Lushettes tomorrow. Squee :)

Ooo, and I'm getting prescription swimming goggles. So I'll be able to go exercise, and lose weight, and I'll be able to do it by myself and see where I'm going and not be afraid, and it'll be fantastic :D :D

Okay. Tidying and chores and stuff. Yes.
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an attempt to distract myself..   
12:52pm 10/04/2006
mood: uncomfortable
I am apparently Pippin. Yay, he rocks.

hobbit memeCollapse )
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11:05am 10/04/2006
mood: shocked
Some guy I've never met before punched me on my way to work this morning.

Not hard, I'm okay; he punched me in the chest; shocked me more than hurt me (although did hurt me!). Went and reported it to a community support officer guy, he took all the details etc. Obviously there's bugger all they can do unless the guy makes a habit of this (or something else) and gets caught, but felt a moral obligation to go report it really.

Everyone at work's been really sweet, but it's pissing me off that this has ruined my day - I can't concentrate and I'm not getting anything done. He's just some random nutcase, I should not still be thinking about it two hours later.
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Ahh, Gravesend.   
03:20am 19/03/2006
mood: awake
Cool beans. Just had a fun night out with the Lushettes from Bluewater. They rock mightily. Went to their locale in Gravesend.. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it, actually, given that it was Gravesend and I tend to be snobbish and 'ew'ish about said town. But it was rocking. And as I wasn't drinking, I had red bull all night and then played taxi service and took people home, so I feel vaguely useful as well. Great improvement on the usual melancholic post-social-occasion feeling I would otherwise have.

Trouble is, although red bull makes me pleasantly hyper and serves as an excellent alcohol substitute, that now means that it's 03:23 and I am now going to have serious problems getting to sleep. It's times like this that I wish I lived alone, and could do something productive now like tidy my room (having procrastinated all day, I'm now extremely motivated and energetic). If I wasn't going out tomorrow, and wouldn't be waking anyone up, I could have a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours being busy and eating junk food while being busy, and then sleep till about noon. As it is, I'm supposed to be going shopping with my mother tomorrow morning, and if I try and do anything now, I'll wake my housemate. Meh.

Oh, and yay me for not smoking. I was tempted. I resisted. Helps that none of the Lushettes smoke, of course, but still, yay me.
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01:26pm 18/03/2006
mood: blah
Why do we have weekends again?

I'm bored. I should be tidying my room, writing a couple of letters, paying a bill, doing some washing or cleaning, food shopping, or otherwise trying to be vaguely productive. Instead, I'm suddenly so apathetic I can barely be arsed to type.

I'm also wondering why it's half past one and I haven't heard my housemate move yet. I mean, I didn't wake up till half ten, but then I didn't get in last night till 1am. What's her excuse?!

Someone, please, force me to get up off this chair and do something. Anything. Even if it's just paint my nails.


What are weekends for again? I've had a good night's sleep, I'm all rested and happy now. Can I go back to work tomorrow please?

Fucking hell, I really have *no* life. Note to self: must get life.
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Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow they cancel your credit cards.   
12:36pm 18/03/2006
mood: okay
Hereby stolen from sairensu, who stole it from misskass. Mmmm, procrastination.Collapse )
new sandals!!!   
09:52pm 15/03/2006
mood: excited
I went shoe shopping today...

:D :D :D

Also got a pair of black mules, for £5!!! :D :D

I'm happy :D
new boots   
08:04pm 15/01/2006
mood: happy
There's nothing like shoe shopping to make a girl feel good.

Particularly when she ends up buying these:

mmm, shinyCollapse )
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08:59pm 11/01/2006
mood: excited

Okay, I'm getting error messages flying around, my firewall isn't happy, MSN doesn't want to play, and I still have to reconfigure the connection so I can be wireless, but who gives a fuck, I'm online via broadband :D :D :D

Which is more important: Eliza Dushku userpics in decent colours and resolution, or sorting out all the above?

*ponders, pours more vodka*
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to cheer myself up:   
02:23pm 10/01/2006
  Currently looking forward to:

1) Renting all the Buffy episodes ever (still haven't got round to this, but I'm getting so *damn* much fun out of looking forward to it)

2) Getting broadband and joining in the WTTU fun (whee)

3) Payday, which will enable me to go shopping for work clothes

4) Seeing the smutqueens on Thursday

5) Reading the rest of the books I got for Christmas

Meh. Didn't cheer me up. Kept thinking of all the other crap I have to do, like return the sofa cushion to Ikea, tell the DVLA I moved house, remember to go to the post office, etc.
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02:17pm 10/01/2006
mood: cranky
I miss broadband. I'm too busy to surf the net at work and it's too crap trying to get online at home. Damnit, I'm losing the will to spend hours staring at the screen until my eyes hurt. I may as well have lost the will to live.

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Oo, I'm all evil.   
12:34pm 30/12/2005
mood: accomplished
Stolen from lushfemke

How evil are you?
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my hols   
10:35am 30/12/2005
mood: content
Yay, Christmas & stuff.

I got woken up yesterday morning by my little nephew prodding me and saying 'Mummy?'
*dies of broodiness*
Oh the cuteness. And I was teaching him his colours, how to play snooker, and why he shouldn't climb up the spiral staircase when I've told him not to. In return, he taught me how to use his new toy steam iron, and the names of all the Noddy characters. It was good.

I'm now back at work, and my office is freaking freezing. But my boss has left me a nice pile of actually quite fun stuff to do. Yay her.

And I went out with katerooni and the Lushettes last night (lol, sounds like a band), and katerooni and I were being so smutty afterwards that I twice had to stop the car because I was laughing too hard to drive. She was drunk, I hadn't had any alcohol so I dunno what my excuse was. I blame wickedtruth.
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Happy Christmas Eve   
02:11pm 24/12/2005
mood: excited
And a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my flist :)
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And lo, she was bored on her lunch break   
01:22pm 22/12/2005
mood: bored
shiny memesCollapse )
That is all.

And I'm still bored, with accompanying guilt.
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09:24am 22/12/2005
mood: okay
Stolen from maxleon

Should it be *this* accurate? I guess that's a good thing!Collapse )
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01:39pm 12/12/2005
mood: tired
stolen from sairensu

You scored 50 masculinity and 76 femininity!
You scored high on both masculinity and femininity. You have a strong personality exhibiting characteristics of both traditional sex roles.

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 23% on masculinity

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You scored higher than 89% on femininity
Link: The Bem Sex Role Inventory Test written by weirdscience on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

So now we know!
06:45pm 09/12/2005
mood: relieved
Yay. I can't believe that today has been *this* much better than yesterday. I really thought I'd ruined my week.

(disclaimer: I am aware that I have stupid tendencies to completely lose my perspective, get excessively guilty for no reason, overreact ridiculously to embarrassment and that I generally lie, bury my head in the sand and self-criticise a lot as a way of dealing with these things. It's not deliberate, and everything I say is sincere at the time, it's only after whatever happened has blown over that I can see how stupid it all was. just in case you were wondering.)

So, today's been grand.Collapse )

Now I have to move house tomorrow, and then look forward to the carol concert on Monday that I'm going to with J.

Oh, and I spent my morning train journey in a text conversation with an old friend from school who I haven't seen in six years, but who apparently gets on the stop before mine - in other words, the one I will be starting at when I've moved. Looking forward to hopefully meeting her and catching up. :)
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Santa meme   
10:31am 08/12/2005
mood: working
Stolen from lots of people:

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In November I bought porn for katerooni (-10 points). Last Wednesday melancthe and I robbed a bank (-50 points). In January I donated bone marrow to celestialjen in a life-saving procedure (300 points). Last Friday I helped sangembrasse hide a body (-173 points). Last Thursday I ate my brussel sprouts (1 points).

Overall, I've been nice (68 points). For Christmas I deserve a shiny red ball!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

Wait a second, I buy porn and hide bodies, and all I get is a sodding *ball*??
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